Gross to Net Calorie Burn Conversion Calculator

Net to Gross Calorie Burn Conversion Calculator

About These Calculators

There are two net versus gross calorie burn conversion calculators on this page. The first calculator converts known gross calorie burn values to net calorie burn, and the second calculator converts known net calorie burn values to gross calorie burn. If you track how many calories you burn during physical activity for weight management, it is important to know if the numbers that you are working with are gross calorie burn estimates or net calorie burn estimates, because over time the unaccounted for cumulative difference between net and gross calorie burn can become significant. Note that the calculators on this page do not estimate your calorie burn for physical activity, they convert already determined calorie burn estimates from gross to net, or from net to gross. Therefore, to use these calculators correctly you must have already determined your calorie burn estimate for a given activity and you must know if that calorie burn estimate is a gross or net value.

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If you want to learn more about net and gross calorie burn, what the difference between them is, and how they impact your calorie tracking efforts, read our Net Versus Gross Calorie Burn article.

Calculator Formulas

Formula for Gross to Net Calorie Burn Conversion


Formula for Net to Gross Calorie Burn Conversion



NCB = Net Calorie Burn
GCB = Gross Calorie Burn
RMRCB = Resting Metabolic Rate Calorie Burn

  • RMRCB = ((BMR x 1.1) / 24) x AD


BMR = Basal Metabolic Rate (in calories burned per 24 hours)
AD = Activiy Duration (in hours)


  • Male (metric): BMR = (13.75 x WKG) + (5 x HC) - (6.76 x age) + 66
  • Male (imperial): BMR = (6.25 x WP) + (12.7 x HI) - (6.76 x age) + 66
  • Female (metric): BMR = (9.56 x WKG) + (1.85 x HC) - 4.68 x age) + 655
  • Female (imperial): BMR = (4.35 x WP) + (4.7 x HI) - 4.68 x age) + 655


HC = Height (in centimetres)
HI = Height (in inches)
WKG = Weight (in kilograms)
WP = Weight (in pounds)


Harris JA and Benedict FG. A Biometric Study of Human Basal Metabolism. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1918 December; 4(12): 370-373.