Watch the video below to see a demonstration of proper form and technique for the dumbbell lateral raise exercise. You can also check out some more shoulder exercise videos or find exercises for other muscle groups.

Instructions for Dumbbell Lateral Raise

To perform a set of dumbbell lateral raise:

  1. Starting Position

    Stand with 2 dumbbells at your sides in a neutral grip position. You should be standing tall with your trunk in a neutral position.

  2. Concentric (Upward) Motion

    Keeping your arms straight, raise the dumbbells out to the side until they are at the height of your shoulders. Be aware of not leaning back and losing the alignment of your body during the movment.

  3. Top position

    Pause at the top position for a 1 sec count while maintaining whole body tension.

  4. Eccentric (Lowering) Motion

    Slowly lower the weight back down under control until the dumbbells are against your thighs. Remember to breathe normally throughout the entire movement.

  5. End position

    Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you have completed the desired number of dumbbell lateral raise repetitions before resting.

This completes one set of dumbbell lateral raise.